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The days of Rusty Corrosive Leaky Metal Pipes are over

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About CPVC Pro

Hot & Cold Water Plumbing System That The Professionals Use

ASTRAL CPVC PRO is more than just a hot and cold plumbing system. To us it is an initiative, to deliver a world class plumbing solution.ASTRAL CPVC PRO pipes and fittings, are made from the specialty plastic, technically known as Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC). This CPVC PRO pipes and fittings can withstand a maximum service temperature up to 93 degrees. This compound is carefully designed in our R & D from Astral India and backed by our own expertise of manufacturing CPVC piping system.

Benefits of Astral Astral CPVC PRO

  • No Leaks
  • Easy To Install
  • Life Time Solvent Joints
  • Fire Retardant
  • Scale Resistant
  • UV Stable
    • Astral CPVC Pipes & Fittings are your lifetime investment in reliable plumbing systems that never leak.

    Applications of Astral CPVC PRO

    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Homes
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Apartments
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Resorts
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Hospitals
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Hight & Low Rise Buildings
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Corporate & Commercial Houses
    • Hot & Cold Water Application in Academic Institutions

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